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HYPE Fleet Prices




To address issues around early queuing, uncertainty about gaining entry and obviously disappointment when the venue is full, entry to HYPE Fleet is by ADVANCE TICKET ONLY.

Tickets cost £7.00 (plus £1 external booking fee if purchased online) - see the 'news' link to find out how to buy them. 

Tuck Shop - general prices (please see specific price lists on the night)

  • Most bottled drinks £1
  • Capri Sun cartons 50p
  • Bottled water - 20p (from June 2014)
  • Pringles 50p
  • Most sweets 50p with a few at 10p and 20p 


  If you would like us to try some new drinks or sweets - please contact us via our facebook page with your ideas and we will see what we can do