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HYPE Fleet Safety


The safety and wellbeing of all young people, volunteers and staff at any HYPE Fleet event is our top priority. Please read this section carefully before attending an event.


Any form of abuse against HYPE Fleet volunteers, staff and contractors will not be tolerated and we will engage the police in all cases.


Dress Code

  • The HYPE organisers firmly believe it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to advise young people on what is and isn’t appropriate to wear to events such as HYPE
  • However, the organisers reserve the right to talk to young people regarding any risk they believe they may be placing themselves at as a result of their appearance
  • The organisers may also contact parents/guardians to request that they either bring alternative clothes or collect their child if their appearance is felt to be so extreme that it may put the young person at risk
  • The HYPE organisers are very aware that the perception of risk created by clothing is influenced by many factors and although they go to great lengths to encourage young people to think about how they are dressed they are aware some parents are happy with their child's attire and we certainly do not wish to offend anyone
  • We welcome the support of all parents/guardians in ensuring their children are dressed in a suitable and safe manner

On Arrival

  • Doors open at 7:30pm. The designated drop off area is supervised from 7:15pm. HYPE Fleet are unable to accept responsibility for young people before this time.
  • You must be aged between 11 and 16 to attend HYPE Fleet
  • For safety reasons there is a maximum occupancy limit for the building. You must have pre-purchased a ticket to gain entry to the event
  • Parents/guardians must check that the young people they are responsible for have gained entry before they leave
  • See the Venue link for more information


  • Once inside ALL young people will be searched by suitably trained staff to ensure a safe environment for all.
  • HYPE Fleet is a 'substance free' zone (this includes; drugs, alcohol and tobacco)
  • The following items will be held for collection at the end of the event;

 FLAMMABLES (e.g hairspray, deodorant)

 OTHER ITEMS BY DISCRETION (chains, keys, etc)

 MEDICATION (to be advised to first aider on arrival)

  • The following items are banned and will be confiscated;


 CIGARETTES  also includes lighters/matches





Illegal items will be referred to the Police.


Young people are encouraged to realise that they can say NO, and are made aware of the crimestoppers telephone number (0800 555111) and website (www.crimestoppers.co.uk) where suspicions of use of illegal substances, or any other crime can be reported.


Peer trainers and youth counsellors are available for confidential or group discussions at any time throughout the event in the chill out areas.


During the Event

  • A free cloakroom is available for all your coats and bags – you will be given a unique number to identify your belongings. Although the cloakroom is manned through-out the event, the HYPE Fleet organisers cannot be held responsible for any items left in the cloakroom
  • Strobe lighting and smoke effects may be used through-out the event
  • NO jumping off the stage or running
  • NO fighting, bullying or throwing things
  • NO entering restricted areas
  • NO early exit without parent/guardian present
  • NO dropping litter or taking drinks out of the tuck shop area
  • Do not leave drinks unattended – hand them in and get a unique bottle number – you can get your drink back as often as you like
  • In the unlikely event of a fire alarm activation, the hall will be evacuated and all the young people will be safely ushered to the assembly point at the far end of the Victoria Road car park until the all clear has been given to return to the building. Young people will not be able to leave the event during this period
  • In the unlikely event of a power failure, all young people will be ushered in to the main hall where emergency lighting is available. We will only evacuate the building if instructed to do so by the Police or hall management

Leaving the Event

  • If any young people need to leave the event early, they will need to be collected by a parent or guardian at the twin glass doors that open onto the courtyard opposite the council offices.
  • Young people WILL NOT be allowed to leave the event at any time without a parent or guardian being present
  • The HYPE Fleet organisers cannot be held responsible for young people once they have left the building
  • See the Venue link for more information
  • After HYPE, make sure you:

 Have a safe way of getting home

 Don't leave alone or with somebody you don't know

 Come back and see us again!



Have a great safe time at HYPE Fleet!